Persian OG Kush Strain

Anyone interested in cannabis culture and its morphology, should know that there are 3 varieties of strains in biological terms they are called sativa, indica, and hybrid; however, what it is socially being said accordingly are kush, skunk, and haze

Iranian kush or Persian Kush is dominant and it is said that Persian Kush is the mother of all OGs (Old Girl)  and that they have rooted from this very plant. You may be wondering where the abbreviation OG comes from. Well there are 3 assumptions regarding the name. First, maybe it is abbreviated for Ocean Grown, which as its name provides, grows near the ocean (mostly accepted). Second, Over Grown which comes from the name of a website in Canada, which used to sell its seeds . Third, Original Gangster, who lived in California and made marijuana popular.

Now that it is more clear where the name comes from, let’s gain our knowledge about its invaluable features and properties. 

Overall Properties

The complete name of this strain is Iranian OG Kush. It’s one of Kush marijuana strains. It’s mainly a 10% sativa / 90% indica strain. You can identify this strain with ease. When smoked the aroma changes to something sweet. it has a smell of citrus. The buds are very dense.  It is also recognized by its green yellowish leaves which are similar to indica strain. 

Persian Kush is a hybrid. It’s mostly sour and spicy in taste and it has an aroma similar to that of a lemon and citrusy-diesel flavour. The best time to consume Persian Kush is in the evening or at night when it will become much easier for you to go to bed. The amount of THC in Persian Kush is approximately 10 times more than its CBD, i.e. it contains up to 0.2 % CBD whereas it includes from 18% to 20% THC. 

Persian Kush is a parent plant for many of the strains cannabis users consume, yet they don’t even have the slightest clue that most of the strains in the market are actually a mix of kush. These forms are actually supplied to reduce the price and more importantly suit the consumers’ needs and demands. As can be seen, it has the utmost potency and quality which leads to a higher price of persian kush compared to other strains. Because the number of demand are more than the number of supplies, it’s mixed with other reliable strains that of course can be counted on. 

It can both grow indoors or outdoors. Unless it grows outdoors, it needs more than 65 days to flower. Therefore, you’ll get faster results by cultivating it outdoors. It is highly potent and strong. It has a medium height which reaches upto 30 to 36 feet. The best time for its cultivation is from August to September. As Cannabis region is cool, Persian Kush Strains are quite durable in different weather conditions , yet it is seen that indoor cultivation is way better since you will get better results.

Where is Persian Kush’s Origin?

In Asia and to be precise, the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan, where it is mountainous, there is a huge distribution of this strain. As this land remained pristine for almost always , though these two countries have always had fights and disputes over whose land it was, Mother Nature found this place a great environment to grow Kush Cannabis. Thus, this place is known as kush region. However, because both in Afghanistan and the western countries this plant was prohibited, there hasn’t been much progress into its cultivation and experimentation. Nevertheless, as it was being noticed gradually by some western countries, its popularity has increased as well; therefore, it began to extend all over the world. 

How Popular is Persian Kush?

Over the years, it has won a lot of awards from Amsterdam as Cannabis Cup meanwhile, grow a positive reputation. There are enormous numbers of various strains, be it classic or modern, that shows they are genetically connected to Kush strain. 

It has been a revolution for the cannabis industry and those in favor of growing it, may benefit a whole lot from devising new strains by combining Kush in them. Whether you try this strain for medical purposes or recreation, rest assured that kush is on the safe side. It is so high in potent and quality that there is no wonder why many sellers trick their customers into buying Kush strains where in reality those strains just carry the Kush name.

What You Should Expect from Persian Kush

When you get high using it, Persian Kush gives you a pleasant warmth all over your body, which is very relaxing especially in case you are in severe or any kind of pain. Thus, it’s given the other name for medical marijuana strain.

If you’re dealing with anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, and chronic pain, you don’t have to worry about them anymore on the condition that you use the right amount of persian kush. You will experience intense cerebral effect right after consumption. It will simultaneously give you euphoria and solve your insomnia as it is couch locking and gives you a sedentary feeling. 

There has been some reports of dry eyes and  dry mouth in a few cases; thus, to avoid dehydration it is better to consume lots of liquids and eye drops, if needed. 

Persian kush can also be consumed as a recreational strain. Its high won’t interfere with your focus or concentration as it relieves stress. In fact, it gives you motivation and an anxiety-free mood to help you improve in your work!

The sense of euphoria and strong cerebral effect won’t last long though, and you should be all set to lay down. As a consumer you should always know the amount of dosage you’re exposed to and you should also keep in mind that there is a limitation of tolerance in individual bodies. No one knows their body better than themselves. So, use with caution!

Final Thoughts

Persian Kush has got its popularity for being handy in medical practices. Persian Kush or P.K. strain is one of the strains that has its effect for a long time. It endures in your body, enhances your mood and alleviates severe pain, and last but not least, it relaxes you. It’s a stress reliever and helps you with your appetite to eat more. If you are an amateur user of cannabis, it is recommended to consume it slowly and with caution as it is extremely potent.

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